We see it every day. Around street corners, at traffic signals, peeping in through the gleaming windows of the mall, waiting hopefully outside crowded restaurants. Sometimes on the weathered face of an old man, sometimes on the dirt-streaked face of an orphan, sometimes in the eyes of a tired mother, desperate to feed her boney child. The haunted, lingering look of hunger.

It started with a humble beginning by two young individuals who decided to feed few people left unattended at a railway station, bus stand etc,. The Individuals who have just started their careers and trying find their own feet in the City, felt happy and peace with something which they thought is unique. They decided to continue this activity despite limitation of funds, time and resources.

Gradually, with spread of mouth after few months friends and families came to know about the deed they were doing and wanted to contribute in a best possible way. Subsequently, with the help of their friends and families, they continued the activity in a much organized way and at regular intervals. Basically, their activities are as follows:

  • Distribute home cooked food to people in need at various places like Railway Station, Bus Stand, Road, Beaches etc,.
  • Distribute food to children & elderly people at Orphan centers and Old Age homes.
  • Distribute essential items for small children’s like Diaper, baby food items, biscuit etc,.
  • Distribute various type of study materials, pens, pencils, coloring agents etc,. for children’s at Orphan centers.
  • Giving financial assistance to the students could not pursue studies due to lack of funds.
  • Giving financial assistance to the needy specially for critical medical treatments.
  • We are serving happiness beyond any caste , community & religion.